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Our Philosophy

We believe in 'Creating exceptional people experience' by providing a safe, supportive and inclusive environment at work. Our values-based approach for workplace enabled by DE&I, Employee Engagement, Health & Well Being Programs that strengthen our 'People' Pillar to achieve our business goals.

Speak Up Culture

We are committed to creating an environment that nurtures open and transparent communication. Our people are spirited to voice out their thoughts and opinions in good faith of the organization. We encourage and empower our people to report any identified or suspected violations in larger interest of the community.

Quality Conversations

We are a performance-biased organization and believe in engaging our employees in meaningful discussions, two-way dialogues and sharing real time feedback to build trust and drive impact.

Growth Mindset

We are committed to growth and development of our employees by providing them with available development and advancement opportunities consistent to their potential and aspirations.

Building Talent and Teams

We believe in investing on Training and Development of our people to create a strong talent pipeline and high performing teams who will positively contribute towards the long-term growth strategy of the organization.

Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity at Zydus Takeda is all about embracing differences and respecting the unique standpoint of each individual. We understand that everybody views the world from a distinctive perspective; a perspective that gives them potential ideas, solutions & strategies which when mobilized, can add value to the organization. Inclusion for us is about creating a culture where employees feel valued, their ideas are heard and advanced.

Rewards and Recognition

We are building a culture of appreciation, in which every employee is encouraged to grow and perform to their full potential. We have a performance-based reward structure that recognizes people who have delivered results and have the right values for our business.