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India Product List

Always use our prescription products under medical supervision.

In addition to our on-the-market products, Takeda invests in an active R&D pipeline in an effort to bring new treatments to patients in need.

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List of products licensed in India by Takeda Biopharmaceuticals India Private Limited

ADCETRIS [Brentuximab Vedotin 50 mg]

ADVATE [Coagulation Factor VIII (Recombinant) rFVIII (Plasma/Albumin free method), Octocog Alfa] 250 IU/ 500 IU/ 1000 IU/1500 IU/2000 IU/ 3000 IU in 5mL and 250 IU/ 500 IU/ 1000 IU/1500 IU in 2mL

ADYNOVATE [Rurioctocog alfa pegol (PEGylated recombinant human FVIII) 250 IU/500 IU/ 750 IU/1000 IU/ 1500 IU in 2mL and 2000 IU in 5mL]

CINRYZE [C1 Esterase Inhibitor (Human) 500 IU]

ELAPRASE [Idursulfase (r-DNA origin)- 2mg/mL]

FEIBA [Anti-Inhibitor Coagulant Complex, Steam Treated E.P. 500 U/1000 U]

FLEXBUMIN [Albumin (Human) Solution I.P. 20% (50 mL & 100mL) and 25 % (50 mL & 100mL)]

HEMOFIL-M [Anti-hemophilic Factor VIII (Human) Method M, Monoclonal Purified, Nano filtered-I.P. 250IU/500IU/1000IU/1700IU]

Human Albumin Solution 5%, 20% (50 mL & 100mL) and 25% (50 mL & 100mL)

IMMUNATE [Purified Freeze-Dried Human Coagulation Factor VIII, Virus Inactivated I.P. 250 IU/500 IU/1000 IU]

IMMUNINE [Human Coagulation Factor IX Freeze Dried I.P. 600 IU/1200 IU]

KYNTELES™ [Vedolizumab 300mg]

RECOMBINATE [Recombinant Anti Hemophilic Factor VIII 250 IU/500 IU/1000 IU in 10mL]

REPLAGAL™ [Agalsidase Alfa (r-DNA origin)- 1mg/mL]

RIXUBIS [Coagulation Factor IX (Recombinant) 250 IU/500IU/1000IU/2000IU and 3000 IU]

VPRIV™ [Velaglucerase Alfa (r-DNA Origin) 400 U]