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Takeda Ireland – Meet Some Of Our People

meet some people

Click on the links below to meet some of our People. 

Learn more about their role, a typical day and what they like most about working for Takeda in Ireland. 

Tell us about your role in Takeda and describe a typical day?

I enjoy that my job involves supporting my team with their development and future career planning.  The teams I work with have such a positive attitude and always give their best to everything that they do.  There is a real sense of teamwork in the Logistics & Artwork function where all the team members actively support each other. My role is Logistics & Artwork Control Manager in Takeda Ireland Bray.  My role involves supporting the Logistics and Artwork team with their daily activities and projects.  A significant portion of my day to day job is spent meeting with my team, other departments and solving issues as required.  A key focus of my role is to develop the future strategy for the department and support the team with Continuous Improvement activities.

A typical day starts with our daily planning meeting where the team sets out the tasks for the day ahead and reviews those of the previous day. Any issues can be flagged here and actioned appropriately.

What do you like most about working in Takeda?

What I enjoy most is working with so many people that have a 'can-do' attitude to the challenges we face from day to day. Employees throughout Takeda are always forthcoming with constructive ideas on how to improve processes within the company. I have also been given the opportunity to further my Education and personal/career development while working in Takeda, which has been extremely beneficial to me.

A favourite memory during my time at Takeda is as part of Takeda’s 20th Anniversary in Ireland we had a celebration at the site, our families joined us in a family fun day celebration, bouncing castles, games, music and tours of the plant.  I was very proud for my children to see where I work and understand what my job involves on a daily basis.

Personal Likes, dislikes, favourite saying/ past times

I love, Sunday walks with my family, shopping and socialising with friends.

I like good food, light conversation and relaxing after a busy but productive day!  I dislike pessimism and negative people. 

Tell us about your role in Takeda and describe a typical day?

I’m a shift Team Lead in tablet manufacture. The day varies depending on whether I am on night or day shift.  Some days I’m up just after 05:00 and straight into the car for a one hour commute from home. Night shift is a bit more leisurely and I can spend time with my family and have a meal before heading out.  My 24-5 shift pattern is 7-7, twelve hours a shift.  I’m usually logging on to the shared production Team Lead desk PC around 7 o’clock and I’ll chat to the senior technologists at the desk around 7:05 so they can organize the crew. I’ll have a quick run through electronic manufacturing instructions (EMIs) for the current lots that are running in each room. By now it is usually around 7:30 and I have a shift meeting with the whole crew at 8:00.  I have to review the EMI and paperwork for any lot that has completed and sign off to QA or on to the next manufacturing stage such as coating or printing. We always have a lot of projects ongoing, which as compression SME (subject matter expert) pulls me out of the office quite a lot.

Somewhere in the day we fit in updates and responses to queries from other departments. The whole day can be thrown out if we hit a process issue but the serious ones are thankfully rare enough.  Although we do have standard work and standard operating procedures to follow it is fair to say that there is no ‘standard shift’.

What do you like most about working in Takeda?

The variation each day keeps me on my toes and interested.  Even after all of these years in the pharmaceutical business (I started in 1992!) I still occasionally find something new. A lot of us have been here in Takeda for quite a long time, over ten years in many cases.  

Personal likes, dislikes, favourite saying / past times

I have a few interests including making model kits – Spitfires and so on, but I don’t really get much chance to do that these days as I’m rather tied up landscaping the garden. My greatest love, however, is reading, often sci-fi or fantasy but I will read almost anything and have an interest in history in general.

I can’t stand bullying, greed or people who are inconsiderate of others. I'm not a big fan of the standards of driving I see every day either especially tailgating, driving on the wrong side of the road on bends and parking in disabled or parent and child spaces when they obviously aren’t supposed to. 

Tell us about your role in Takeda and describe a typical day?

My role is to manage and control the day-to-day operations of the Artwork Control function. Within this role I deal with colleagues from many Takeda sites across the globe. I ensure that my work is completed to the highest standard and within agreed timelines, so that the departments across the organisation which are dependent on my input, can complete their tasks successfully and on time.

No two days are the same. Overseeing artwork demands; liaising between local artwork representatives, graphic designers and print vendors; updating both GMP and non-GMP documents; working closely with the planning and production departments to ensure that packaging materials are available on time. These are just a small sample of the tasks that I carry out each day to help ensure the smooth running of the plant.  As you can imagine, I create and work to a detailed schedule but in addition, I also maintain a degree of flexibility so that I can deal with any urgent requests.

What do you like most about working in Takeda?

Working with people from different departments both in Ireland and globally as one team, all sharing the same vision  and striving each day to achieve the same goal: To always put the patient first.

Personal likes, dislikes, favourite saying / past times

What is your favourite place: Wherever I am with my family

Favourite expression/saying: Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts (Charles Dickens)

Likes: Watching the Discovery Channel, herbs, animals, forests and learning new things.

Dislikes: Slow computers, thunder, bad words, spiders and snakes, short winter days.

Tell us about your role in Takeda and describe a typical day?

As a Plant Team Leader, I always feel excited to be involved in the tech- transfer of new products into the plant including APIs and intermediates. I find this very interesting and rewarding for both my own experiences and for that of the site, in terms of future development and investment. A typical day begins either at 7am or 7pm and lasts for 12 hours. I work two days then two nights shift work. We start every morning delegating work with the team, and setting up the work flows for the Day/Night ahead. Then I set up for the morning meeting with a rep from each dept., problems that may have occurred during the night before, and any maintenance issues that need to be sorted are discussed. There is a shift hand over at the end of the shift.

What do you like most about working in Takeda?

Yes, I do enjoy my work, what’s not to like? I feel that I am lucky to work with great knowledgeable and respectful people; we share that knowledge in a supporting way amongst the various departments, and understand the importance of mutual respect. The work itself, although challenging, brings a great feeling of achievement and satisfaction, knowing that, what we as a team work at every day, is having a therapeutic impact on patients' lives, this brings a great sense of pride in what we do.  The company also give good support to employees wishing to further their educational and professional development.

Personal likes, dislikes, favourite saying / past times

Favourite Pastimes: Reading and enjoying hill walking, also fishing as the River Slaney flows close to my home. I love going sea fishing with friends when the Irish weather allows.

Likes: I love meeting up with family or friends and trying new or favourite restaurants, I love good food and music festivals.

Dislikes: Nothing really annoys me to a great extent, small things like minor roads not gritted on a frosty morning, or diversion signs on roads that disappear halfway during the diversion.

Tell us about your role in Takeda and describe a typical day?

I am working in Takeda's Quality Control Laboratory as Senior Analyst. I have been working in the Quality Control Laboratory since I started in Takeda, initially as QC Analyst and for the last eight years as QC Senior Analyst. The role responsibilities are very comprehensive from scheduling and leading a group of analysts, approval of the batches on daily basis to investigating lab issues of various natures. Very important part is liaising with other departments by sending transparent and adequate information to help process flowing smoothly.

What do you like most about working in Takeda?

Well, I guess the fact that I have been working in Takeda for 10 years now, is an answer itself. I appreciate the good reputation that Takeda has internationally. Also working for Quality Control, that is known as a very ‘strong’ department is a compliment.

Personal likes, dislikes, favourite saying/ past times

I like spending time in an active way, hiking and skiing would be my favourite activities. I love good food and do not mind spending quite a lot of time cooking for my family. I am a member of Takeda Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and enjoy helping with organising events.

Dislikes: Bad drivers…

Tell us about your role in Takeda and describe a typical day?

I started my career at Takeda Ireland—Bray in 2003 working in the Quality Control (QC) laboratory as a Quality Control Analyst.  I transferred to the Quality Assurance (QA) Department in 2006, where I am currently working as a Quality Systems and Compliance Analyst.  A typical day involves arriving into work and checking my calendar for meetings and getting set up for the day ahead.  Every day we have a daily meeting and a typical day could involve tasks such as; Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) induction and Electronic Documentation Management System (EDMS) training with new employees.  Internal auditing, customer/regulatory audits, vendor evaluations, preparation/updates of GMP documentation, review of Pharmacopoeia’s, and status control of materials amongst others. I also perform vendor auditing. As Takeda Ireland in Bray is a global operation, I also work with Global Takeda colleagues with the preparation of documents for regulatory submissions etc.

I love my job in Takeda Ireland—Bray as there is so much variety in my role; no two days are the same for me!

What do you like most about working in Takeda?

Since arriving at the Takeda Ireland—Bray in 2003, I have always felt very welcomed and valued.  I have learned so much along my career in Takeda and I continue to do so.  The atmosphere here is always very positive and the teamwork between all the different groups on site is excellent as we all have the same goal—putting the patient at the centre of everything that we do. The ethos behind Takeda makes Takeda a brilliant company to work for, for example, the work-life balance here is great.  The atmosphere at Takeda is always vibrant and very positive.

Personal likes, dislikes, favourite saying/ past times

My favourite past time: going for walk and a picnic with my family

My favourite expression is: stay positive, we can do it

Loves: Hiking, going to the cinema, going for picnics with my family, chocolate and eating out.


Date of Preparation: March 2018