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Environmental Activities

Takeda Ireland continually strives to promote and develop environmental practices in line with our Corporate policy, Legislative requirements and Best practice.

Takeda Ireland is committed to:

  • Promoting the Takeda group Environmental Plan.
  • Conduct internal audit based on the Global EHS guideline.
  • Continue to strengthen and improve environmental protection and accident prevention management systems.
  • Continue to promote full employee participation in energy conservation.
  • Continue to improve awareness raising, education, and training for environmental protection and accident prevention.
  • Continue to promote initiatives for biodiversity conservation.

The following are some examples of our environmental activities:

Waste reduction Activities:

  • Duplex printing reducing usage of paper on site and over 500 trees saved to date. In addition, setting Takeda Ireland - Bray set 50 cherry trees around the site.
  • Recycling of confidential office paper, glass and electronic waste.
  • Normal batteries have been replaced with rechargeable ones across the site. This significantly reduces our electronic waste.
  • Plastic cutlery was removed from the canteen.
  • Introduction of reusable water bottles to reduce the use of the plastic cups.
  • Recycling of metal drums from our production facility was introduced
  • We also recycle all packaging material i.e. cardboard, plastic bales, fibre drums, timber, plastic drums, blisters and foams. Approx. 95% of our non-hazardous waste is recycled
  • For hazardous waste, which has to be incinerated, we changed from an incinerator facility based in Germany to one located in England. This has drastically reduced the carbon footprint associated with this activity as the distance of transportation of waste has been reduced from approx. 1300km to 250km

Energy Saving initiatives such as:

  • Our Winter Set-back program allows the site to shut down inactive equipment during the holidays. This has kept us on track to achieve our target for energy reduction as well as helping reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Replacement of lighting to LED lighting throughout the site.
  • Replacement of inefficient boilers and chillers to energy efficient units.
  • An energy team is in place on site which holds regular energy meetings and continually searches for new innovative ways to reduce energy usage.

Takeda Ireland -Bray are also members of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland's (SEAI) Self Audit Scheme.

Takeda Ireland – Bray Environmental Policy

Takeda Ireland - Bray is a subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company (TPC) in Japan. TILB commenced operations in Bray, Co. Wicklow in 1997, and manufactures a range of Solid Oral Dosage pharmaceutical formulations.

Takeda Ireland - Bray considers environmental protection an essential requirement of its operations.

Takeda Ireland – Bray undertakes to conduct its business in a manner which protects the environment of the Customers, Employees and Communities in which it operates and aligns itself to the principles of Responsible Care with the full commitment and support of senior management.


Takeda Ireland - Bray will strive to,

  • Be transparent in its performance. Make the Environmental Policy and objectives and targets available to employees, other interested parties, and to the public on request.
  • Commit to Continuous Improvement: Implement continual improvement and prevention of pollution in all its operations by regularly setting and reviewing objectives and targets,
  • Define standards for best practice,
  • Monitor its performance and identify areas for improvement,
  • Engage in dialogue with interested stakeholders and adopt new practices / approaches where necessary,
  • Pollution Prevention: Demonstrate commitment to protection of environment, public and employees by working to ensure environmental impacts from its operations are minimized,
  • Legislative compliance: Conduct all its activities in compliance with EU and national legislation, and Takeda Corporate environmental principles and proactively adopt non legislative actions to improve performance over time.


Date of Preparation: March 2018