Positions & Guidelines


“Takeda-ism” (integrity, fairness, honesty, perseverance), the founding spirit cultivated over our 235-year history, serves as the basis for our actions and decisions as we put the patient at the centre and prioritise building a trusting relationship with society.




Suppliers Code of Conduct

The foundation of Takeda’s sustainable procurement programme is Takeda’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which is a key document for communicating Takeda’s position on the performance standards suppliers are expected to work toward as a part of doing business with Takeda.  Takeda has incorporated the Supplier Code of Conduct as part of its procurement-managed supplier qualification process and uses its risk assessment model to prioritise suppliers for further review. 

Takeda expects suppliers to adhere to applicable legal requirements and aspire to meet the expectations contained in Takeda’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

Takeda intends to evaluate suppliers’ fulfillment of the principles contained in the Supplier Code of Conduct, and expects suppliers to cooperate, including remediating identified issues. Takeda will collaborate with suppliers committed to improving conditions or issues identified with the goal of managing risks and creating long-term, sustainable value.

Suppliers are asked to review the below Takeda Supplier Code, and acknowledge receipt of the Code as part of conducting business with Takeda. 



Date of Preparation: April 2018