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Alofisel®▼ (darvadstrocel) Administration Method

Alofisel® is indicated for the treatment of complex perinal fistulae in adult patients with nonactive/mildly active luminal Crohn's disease, when fistulae have shown an inadequate response to at least one conventional or biologic therapy (1).  Alofisel should be used after conditioning of fistula.  The below video details the Alofisel® administration method and is provided as part of the product's risk management plan.

View the Alofisel® 5 million cells/mL suspension for injection SmPC & PIL



Ref 1. Alofisel®▼Summary of Product Characteristics, Takeda UK Limited. Available from www.medicines.org.uk. Last accessed July 2018





Date of Preparation: July 2018