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“In the 13 years I’ve been at Takeda, I can honestly say that no two days have been the same – and there’s never been a dull moment, either.

I joined the medical team at a particularly exciting time, in the early days of the RAD revolution that Takeda pioneered. It’s a way of working that set us apart then, and inspired the devolved business model that today allows us to react much faster to changes in the healthcare environment. It gives us the freedom to respond more creatively to local needs, which clinicians obviously appreciate. And because the organisational structure is less rigidly hierarchical than in most companies, you feel involved in business decisions. It’s empowering as well as enlightening.

On a professional level, it also gives you greater autonomy, and the opportunity to understand and get involved with every aspect of the business. We don’t do silos here – you’re working with bright, knowledgeable and mutually supportive people who are passionate about what they do and pull out all the stops to get the right medicines to the right patients.

It helps to have great products of course, and we're fortunate enough to have ones that really do make a difference to people’s lives – including our oncology medicines, some of which have provided the first new treatment options in their respective indications for a number of years.

Life at Takeda is full of new challenges, and I like that. You're constantly learning, but there's a huge reserve of best practice you can draw upon, and the company supports your development every step of the way. At first, my main focus was on our cardiovascular brands, but I went on to develop expertise in diabetes as our portfolio grew; most recently, I've been working on our oncology products.

To someone thinking of joining us, I'd describe Takeda as lean because we’re efficient and agile, dynamic because we’re innovative, and inspiring because of how and why we do what we do. Colourful, too - and that’s because of the people."


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Date of Preparation : December 2017