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"After graduating in pharmacy and completing an MSc in clinical pharmacology, I practised as a clinical pharmacist in the hospital sector from 1994-7. I then joined an international pharma strategy consultancy where I worked for seven years. Even as an outsider, Takeda UK’s Regional Account Director (RAD) revolution of 2004 seemed a bold, innovative move. Despite widespread scepticism at the time, the value of the new business model was soon validated by Takeda’s unprecedented commercial success. With a portfolio of innovative products, a robustly patient-centred attitude and a progressive approach to account management, it became the fastest growing UK pharma for several years running.

So when it came to seeking a position in industry, Takeda was naturally my first port of call. I joined AshfieldIn2Focus, now Ashfield Healthcare Ltd, as a RAD in 2005, and the role fully lived up to my high expectations. The quality of the people I worked with was excellent, and the much-vaunted autonomy was real – rather than being micro-managed, I was free to act on the basis of my own experience and local knowledge.

Takeda offers a high energy, high performance working environment. Because it's lean and efficient, you find yourself involved in a wider range of projects than you might in a larger company. That's good, though – you certainly never get bored, and the understanding you acquire of other roles proves invaluable in cross-functional working.

I use many of the networks and skills I acquired as a RAD in my present senior pricing and market access role, which is a different type of challenge. I now work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders, with national level responsibilities in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, with their different health systems, policies, and ways of working. I take the lead on getting positive national reimbursement decisions for our medicines and support local formulary submissions. And I find that even today, Takeda’s reputation for boldness and doing things differently provides an excellent platform to build on within the wider healthcare community, but we never rest on our laurels. There are always new and better solutions to be found, especially now, as we embark on new therapy areas.

I think Takeda attracts people who enjoy a challenge and are not afraid of responsibility. People who know their stuff but are always eager to know more; and people who thrive on variety. These are exciting times at Takeda, and with the right people, there’s no limit to what we can achieve."


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Date of Preparation : December 2017