Meet Our Experts - Divisional Sales Director

"I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry, both in-house and as a consultant, for more than 20 years and, in general, have found pharmaceutical companies to be heavily centralised organisations, which limits their impact within an NHS that is becoming increasingly regionalised.

Takeda is different. As a company, it empowers field-based personnel to be key decision makers and allows individuals with the required level of experience and competency, aligned with the required mind-set, to run their region in an autonomous environment.

The company listens and acts on local intelligence and, as well as holding employees accountable for their level of performance, rewards success.

I had been working for a number of years in a healthcare consultancy before returning to the pharmaceutical industry to take a RAD role for Takeda. This gave me the insight into how working with local customers on bespoke solutions to their issues delivered significant outcomes.

I have always delivered a high level of performance in whatever role I have been in and this has enabled me to progress through my career to national management and director roles.

The RAD role also brought a good work-life balance as I could continue to work at a senior level whilst remaining in Yorkshire.  After years of travelling across the UK and Europe this was a significant benefit particularly as I had a young family.

My move to Takeda was because I believed in the RAD role and the philosophy behind it and after 11 years this was still the case. I recently took the opportunity to move within Takeda to a Divisional Sales Director role in the Oncology Business Unit. Here I am working again with some excellent colleagues, many of who were RAD's previously, and we continue to work to the same principles of the RAD model as we know that this will deliver continued success within the Oncology Business Unit.

Takeda in three words? Autonomous, accountable and challenging."


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Date of Preparation: December 2017