YOURVANTAGE™ Support Program


YOURVANTAGE™ is Takeda Canada’s patient support program, that assists Canadians by providing free services for patients on Takeda medications. YOURVANTAGE™ services are designed to assist patients to access the Takeda medication they have been prescribed.

YOURVANTAGE™ currently supports Canadians who are prescribed ENTYVIO®, NINLARO® and ALUNBRIG™.

YOURVANTAGE™ provides patients with information about their treatment, as well as customized advice about securing insurance or other reimbursement, based on their coverage and situation.

Patients taking ENTYVIO® who are enrolled in YOURVANTAGE™ can have appointments arranged through the program to receive ENTYVIO® at the infusion clinic closest to them. The program was designed to ensure that a network of infusion clinics is available to patients within 50 km their home or their physician’s office. More than 90% of patients taking ENTYVIO® who are currently enrolled in the program have clinics located within 50 km from home or their physician’s office and over 80% have infusion clinics located within just 25 km.

Patients taking NINLARO® or ALUNBRIG™ who are enrolled in YOURVANTAGE™ can receive access to an oncology-experienced nurse, and arrange for medication pick up or home delivery.

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