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Primary Care and OTC products

With a long history of and a strong proven track record in Primary Care, Takeda Belgium keeps striving towards better health and a brighter future based on a broad portfolio of highly qualitative established medicines that improve the life of more than 2.7 million patients in Belgium and Luxemburg every month (source: IMS data October 2017).

Our Primary Care portfolio counts 35 brands in several therapeutic areas, including diabetes, gastroenterology, food supplements, osteoporosis, thyroid, urology, …

These brands include drugs (prescription or Over the Counter – OTC) as well as food supplements.

Over the decades, we have created leading brands in acid-related diseases, osteoporosis, cardio-vascular, thyroid and other disease areas. Many of those have their own web sites. Hereunder you will find the links to some of those sites:

- www.magnecaps.be
- www.magnesium.be
- www.vitacys.be
- www.dynatonic.be
- www.q10quatral.be
- www.bewegenisleven.be and www.bougerpourlavie.be
- www.moustimug.be

Social media pages:

- www.facebook.com/magnecaps

Takeda Belgium’s Primary Care division remains focused on patients, general practitioners, specialists and pharmacists, with an agile way of engaging, based on personal preferences. Takeda Belgium aims at offering not only products but also services and solutions for patients and health care professionals.

Our cross channel model allows us to interact, both by face to face and digital communication, 24/24 H and 7/7.