Regenerative Medicine


Innovative research of regulatory immune cells to realize novel cell therapies

Cell therapy research using regulatory immune cells, such as regulatory T cells, has been developed and is being clinically applied. Here, we are seeking proposals for innovative ideas and technologies to accelerate the clinical application of regulatory immune cell (e.g. regulatory T cell, tolerogenic DC, mesenchymal stem cell, etc.) therapies.

For example,

  • Investigation of the molecular mechanisms of regulatory immune cells
  • Establishment of efficient methods for isolating, expanding, editing/transducing genes for regulatory immune cells
  • Ideas for functional conversion or addition to generate regulatory immune cells


Development of new materials for regenerative medicine devices: Feasibility studies with veterinary surgeons

To achieve the clinical application of regenerative and cellular medicine, it is essential not only to establish safe and effective cellular production methods, but also to perform comprehensive studies in large animal models. These studies can provide insights into the best administration methods and surgical techniques as well as lead to the development of superior materials and devices. Regenerative veterinary medicine is a rapidly developing field, that extensively uses large animal models such as pigs and monkeys, from which drug efficacy and safety data can be extrapolated into humans.  In this project, we propose consulting with experienced veterinary surgeons to develop new devices and materials that can be applied in regenerative cellular therapies. Particularly, we desire to research the following:

  • Promotion of engraftment
  • Avoidance of rejection
  • Suppression of tumorigenesis

Other Areas of Interest

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