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Frequently Asked Questions about COCKPI-T® Funding

Q1. What is COCKPI-T®?

COCKPI-T® (CO-Create Knowledge for Pharma Innovation with Takeda) is Takeda's open grant competition program. COCKPI-T® was initiated in Japan in 2015, followed by a launch in Australia in 2018. COCKPI-T® Funding provides successful research applicants with a grant and feedback from Takeda researchers from an industry point of view. Takeda expects to identify innovative research ideas and develop early POC (Proof of Concept) of the ideas with the winners through COCKPI-T® Funding research.


Q2. Please let me know the purpose of  COCKPI-T® Funding.

The purposes of COCKPI-T® Funding are the following three points.

  1. To support  concept validation studies based on  innovative ideas of external researchers.
  2. To encourage  open innovation (public research) through the publication of the COCKPI-T® Funding results by the COCKPI-T® Funding winners (Principal Investigators).
  3. To leverage the COCKPI-T® Funding research results for Takeda research activities leading to  new therapies.

Q3: What is the COCKPI-T® Funding process after selection like?

Takeda will provide each Principal Investigator's Institution with the agreed grant so that the Principal Investigator is able to conduct the research based on the Research Plan agreed between Principal Investigator's institution and Takeda at the contract execution. During the COCKPI-T® Funding research, Principal Investigator and Takeda have review meetings on a quarterly basis. Takeda  encourages the publication of COCKPI-T® Funding results. Principal Investigator or his/her lnstitution will have the right to make a patent application.


Q4. What is the "concept validation study"?

"Concept validation study" means the study to evaluate the scientific rationale of the concept or feasibility of application of the concept to therapeutic (industrial) research.


Q5. Why did Takeda select Australia?

COCKPI-T® Funding looks for  research opportunities in Australia for the reasons below.

  1. Cutting-edge science in Takeda's focus areas
  2. Active government investment into life science research
  3. Academia's interest in the commercialisation of new therapies and good support from university staff

Q1: Who is qualified to apply for a COCKPI-T® Funding Australia grant?

Any researchers in the field of life science in universities, institutes, or biotech companies located in Australia are welcome.


Q2: Can a student apply for a COCKPI-T® Funding Australia grant?

No. A student who is interested in the grant can apply with his/her supervisor.


Q3: Can I submit multiple applications?

Yes. You may submit as many proposals as you wish. But please refer to the information on Takeda's Areas of Interest to check if your proposals are within the areas.


Q4: Which language is preferred for the application?

Applicants should be able to speak English or Japanese. The Proposal Sheet should be written in English.


Q5: Can the Proposal contain figures and tables?

Yes. Please insert all figures and tables in the Proposal Sheet. Please do not send them separately from the Proposal Sheet.


Q6: How detailed should the Proposal be?

We are expecting a summary of your Research Plan and objectives. You may also include copies of short papers for academic journals/international conferences. Please do not include confidential data such as pre-published results and pre-applied patents in the initial proposal.


Q7: Does the Proposal Sheet for COCKPI-T® Funding have word count limits and/or size limits for the Proposal?

The Proposal Sheet should be prepared on a maximum of three pages. However, a 1MB (megabyte) or smaller file is preferred.


Q8: Is the proposal acceptable even though an application with the same proposal has already been submitted to another private grant program similar to COCKPI-T® Funding?

Yes. However, the proposal can be declined if the researcher accepts an award from another private grant program.


Q9: Can I receive  grants from both government and COCKPI-T® Funding on a similar or overlapping subject?

Please consult the relevant experts in your institution for advice if you plan to pursue both government and COCKPI-T® Funding grants. You can pursue the COCKPI-T® Funding application as long as the governmental grant does not infringe on the terms and conditions of COCKPI-T® Funding.


Q10: My project goes longer than one year. Can I still apply?

If your entire project is longer than one year, you can apply for funding for a specific phase up to one year in the project.


Q11: Do you have any specific number of winners in each category?

No. We are flexible with the number of winners according to applications.


Q12. How many winners will there be?

The number of winners selected will be small, but will depend on the quality of the proposals as judged against the criteria.


Q13: I cannot download the Proposal Sheet.

Please contact the COCKPI-T® Funding Office (COCKPI-T@takeda.co.jp). We will send you the Proposal Sheet by e-mail.


Q14: Is my personal information handled in the strictest confidence?

Yes. We only use your personal information for the purpose of COCKPI-T® Funding and any related business strictly in compliance with related laws and regulations.

Q1: How will the grant amount be determined?

Takeda will decide the amount of funding based on the Research Plan.


Q2: Can I use the COCKPI-T® Funding grant for personnel expenses?

Yes. You can spend the COCKPI-T® Funding grant on personnel expenses such as hiring post-doctoral researchers pertaining to the COCKPI-T® Funding project only, in cases where your institution is unable to cover such costs.


Q3: Can I use the COCKPI-T® Funding grant for equipment?

Yes. You may be able to purchase equipment necessary for the COCKPI-T® Funding research with a COCKPI-T® Funding grant. In certain circumstances, Takeda may propose that equipment is rented (or another option) to comply with regulations.


Q4: Can I use the COCKPI-T® Funding grant for contract research by a third party?

Yes. Please let us know about it in the Research Plan or at the interview.


Q5: Do you require the submission of an expense summary at the completion of COCKPI-T® Funding research?



Q6: Do you provide overhead/indirect costs?

We welcome proposals with a lower percentage of overhead cost so that a greater proportion of the money can be spent directly on the COCKPI-T® Funding research. The overhead/indirect cost should be included in your Request Amount. The overhead cost may be discussed during the contract negotiation phase.

Q1: What criteria are considered by the judges to determine the winners?

We select COCKPI-T® Funding winners based on the eight criteria shown below.

  1. Degree of novelty and originality of the research
  2. Potential impact or benefit of the research
  3. Feasibility of the Research Plan with reasonable cost
  4. Alignment with Takeda research strategies
  5. Less conflict with Takeda internal projects
  6. Probability of further collaboration after the COCKPI-T® Funding research
  7. New research network
  8. Commitment of the Principal Investigator.

Q2: Who reviews the Proposal Sheets?

A restricted number of researchers in Takeda (Japan) and/or its affiliates (US) review the Proposal Sheets.


Q3: How long does it take before grants are awarded?

The total process (from the deadline date to grant awards) is approximately three months. The cycle is as follows:

• Proposal Sheets are submitted on or prior to the deadline date.

• Some applicants are selected for interview with Takeda (1st selection). All others are declined and notified via email.

• Takeda has a discussion with the applicants to make final funding decisions (2nd selection).


Q4: Is feedback available for a declined Proposal?

Yes. COCKPI-T® Funding will provide each applicant with a brief comment on the decision.


Q5: I was declined. Can I re-apply next time?

An applicant is welcome to re-apply for the next round of funding. You may update and improve the new proposal(s) based on any scientific progress and feedback received. 

Q1: What if I am transferred to another university during the COCKPI-T® Funding term?

Once you are selected as a winner, your institution and Takeda make an agreement for COCKPI-T® Funding. If you are  transferred to another university, COCKPI-T® Funding research will be terminated at this point.


Q2: Can the COCKPI-T® Funding research term be extended for an additional six months?

COCKPI-T® Funding research takes approximately one year from the contract execution date. If the Principal Investigator wishes to extend the term, please let us know in advance. We will evaluate if the extension is reasonable. (No additional funding will be provided for an extension.)


Q3: Can I change the Research Plan in the middle of COCKPI-T® Funding research?

The Principal Investigator follows the Research Plan agreed between the Principal Investigator's institution and Takeda at the time of contract execution. If the Principal Investigator considers changing the Research Plan, please let us know in advance.


Q4. Do I have to hold the meetings with Takeda on a quarterly basis during the COCKPI-T® Funding term?

Yes. Takeda researchers catch up with the research progress, and sometimes make proposals / comments to facilitate the research.

Q1: Do I have any obligation to Takeda after being awarded the COCKPI-T® Funding grant?

Yes, you are obligated to follow the terms and conditions of the agreement which will be executed between your institution and Takeda. The terms and conditions may include (imply) a restriction for applying for other grants, especially for privately funded grants, for the same research you are conducting for COCKPI-T® Funding.


Q2: How do you deal with intellectual property generated from COCKPI-T® Funding research?

The ownership of intellectual property will be determined based on the inventorship. All research results generated in the course of COCKPI-T® Funding belong to you or your institution in cases where there is no Takeda research contribution.


Q3: I would like to know the publication policy of COCKPI-T® Funding.

You can publish your COCKPI-T® Funding research results with a minimum of 30 days prior written notice.

Q1: I would like to conduct collaborative research with Takeda in an area which is out of the COCKPI-T® Funding Areas of Interest but should be within Takeda's interest.

Please provide the COCKPI-T® Funding Office (COCKPI-T@takeda.co.jp) with non-confidential information on your proposal. We will consider the possibility of collaborative research based on the proposal.


Q2: I would like to license my patent, in which Takeda seems to be interested, to Takeda.

As with the answer in the Q1 above, please make contact with the COCKPI-T® Funding Office (COCKPI-T@takeda.co.jp) with non-confidential information.


Q3: I am out of Australia. Can I apply to COCKPI-T® Funding Australia?

No, I am afraid not. If you work for a Japan-based-institution, please apply to COCKPI-T® Funding Japan.


Q4: What if I have another question?

If you have any other questions that are not answered in the FAQs, please email the COCKPI-T® Funding Office at COCKPI-T@takeda.co.jp. Your questions will be given prompt attention by a member of the COCKPI-T® Funding Office.


Please understand that Takeda cannot enter into correspondence with you regarding the details of your application.


Areas of Interest


Please contact the COCKPI-T® Funding Office for further information.


* Please be aware that we may not be able to respond to every inquiry.