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DMPK and Safety research


Improvement of Omics analysis using artificial intelligence

Huge high-quality multi omics data and imaging data are available by evolving bioanalytical technology. Meanwhile, it takes tremendous efforts to extract meaningful targets and biomarkers from the interpretation of omics data because there are still many cases required for human decision. We need the innovative idea in order to solve this issue.


Platform using pattern recognition and machine learning for evaluation of drug response and disease status

We seek analytical platform for evaluation of drug response and disease status such as chemical nose platform, based on the pattern recognition and machine learning of multivariate data. Unlike conventional specificity-based methods using antibodies or aptamers, the platform can sniff out some events or fuzzy phenotypes such as drug response on cellular population, diseases status and so on even if target analyte is unidentified.


New drug delivery system and/or human prediction platform for brain targeting of non-small molecule modalities

Although there is a huge expectation on non-small molecules for central nervous system (CNS) disease, their distribution to CNS is limited by blood-brain barrier (BBB). Here, we invite the research plan to develop new drug-delivery system (DDS) for delivering variety of modalities to CNS. In addition, we invite the idea and proposal to advance the translational research for quantitative prediction of CNS targeting of modalities in humans.


Development of central nervous system-related safety biomarkers using less invasive samples

Central nervous system-related adverse events (CNS-AE) occur in clinic. However, there are few biomarkers with less invasive methods. To overcome this issue, we ask for the proposal which can predict CNS-AE using less invasive such as hair root cells and sweat.


Novel devices, software or methods to evaluate pathological conditions or drug toxicities in animals

In recent years, a variety of digital solutions have been created to obtain human biological parameters. On the other hand, methods for measuring biological parameters in animals are limited. In this project, we are seeking devices, software, or experimental methods to acquire and analyze biological parameters (e.g., blood pressure, blood parameters, emotional or behavioral analysis, etc.) in order to evaluate pathological conditions and drug toxicities in laboratory animals. Mechanistic studies using animals for devices that have been used in humans but whose mechanisms have not yet been fully investigated are also eligible for this project.

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