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Investigator Initiated Research

Takeda and its partner network are committed to improving patient care through support of scientific advances in medicine and increasing understanding of important diseases. As part of this commitment, the Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) program supports innovative clinical and basic science studies that address important medical and scientific questions related to our compounds and therapeutic areas of interest.

IIR is defined as unsolicited, independent research where the investigator or the institution (academic, private, or governmental) serves as the Sponsor and Takeda provides support in the form of study drug and/or funding. Takeda is not the sponsor of an IIR. The investigator and institution/organization assume all legal and regulatory responsibilities as a sponsor-investigator.

IIR proposals are reviewed by Takeda medical and scientific personnel. Decisions are based upon scientific merit as well as alignment with research areas of interest and availability of resources. Submission of a proposal does not necessarily guarantee Takeda's support.

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Takeda does not provide operational support (e.g., authorship of a protocol, statistical analysis, study report, publication, site monitoring) for an IIR.  Operational support for IIR research is the responsibility of the sponsor-investigator.

Support for an IIR is awarded strictly based on research merit criteria. Takeda supports only ethical research conducted by qualified third-party investigators or institutions. Support of a study in no way implies any obligation toward or is any way connected to the recommendation or prescribing of Takeda products.