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In Conversation with Thomas Wozniewski and Teresa Bitetti



Thomas Wozniewski (left)
Global Manufacturing & Supply Officer

Teresa Bitetti (right)
President, Global Oncology Business Unit




What has Takeda learned from 50 years of engagement in environmental stewardship?

Thomas: Takeda’s engagement in environmental stewardship follows a holistic approach: Minimizing the environmental impact of our business by reducing our carbon footprint, lowering water consumption and producing less waste. This goes hand-in-hand with how we run our business. Takeda can build on 50 years of experience in this area and is well-prepared to respond to changing expectations from the external world.

Teresa: It takes leadership and a commitment to innovation to find solutions that reduce our environmental footprint, improve efficiency, lower costs and that can be put into practice across our business. Becoming a steward for the environment requires action now and thinking for the long-term — taking steps that will make a positive difference for years to come, balancing social, environmental and patient impact, and a willingness to share successful practices with others in our industry.

Why did Takeda decide to become carbon neutral, and what will be the biggest challenge in achieving these goals?

Thomas: Becoming carbon neutral is an important milestone in our fight against climate change, and this perfectly aligns with Takeda’s purpose of Better health for people, brighter future for the world. 

Our biggest challenge, and at the same time the biggest lever, to achieve this is the fact that almost 87% of our emissions come from our external value chain. Therefore, strong partnerships with our suppliers are the key to our success. First, we figure out where the emissions come from, then we evaluate where the largest opportunities are to reduce them, and then we work with our suppliers to develop clear commitments to do this.

Teresa: We believe the use of renewable energy is one area where we see great potential to reduce Scope 3 emissions. We’re also working actively in collaboration with industry environment groups on issues such as setting standards or pharmaceutical suppliers to work better together. Climate change calls for us to all work together and move in the same direction.


How does Takeda engage employees in its efforts to promote environmental stewardship?

Thomas: We’ve introduced several initiatives, like the Carbon Abatement Program (CAP) that aims to help manufacturing sites reduce emissions and exchange best practices. At the same time, we encourage our employees to come forward with innovative ideas and to always think out of the box.

Teresa: I believe that the culture at Takeda is the best foundation to give every employee the opportunity to make a difference. We also use awareness programs to educate colleagues on how Takeda is protecting the environment and how every individual has an impact.