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Environmental Management


For nearly 50 years, Takeda has actively engaged in environmental stewardship initiatives, since establishing an Environmental Protection Committee in 1970. All of our manufacturing, BioLife and R&D sites are required to establish and operate an EHS management system based on our global EHS management system. Each Takeda site assesses its risks and opportunities, then prioritizes actions to address them. This process involves establishing goals, developing and executing action plans to attain them, monitoring performance and reviewing the outcomes for continuous improvement opportunities. The corporate EHS team continues to enhance EHS standards and the technical guidance to further reduce risk and improve EHS performance under the framework of the global EHS management system. Today, 20 manufacturing sites are certified to the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard and 12 manufacturing sites are certified to the ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems standard. The standards are considered to be the global best practice for EHS management. Our intent is to have all manufacturing sites certified to ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 within three years.

Many of our operations are focused on improving efficiency in manufacturing and transportation of products to help reduce environmental impact. Some of these processes can be carbon intensive, like the cold-chain transportation and storage that some of our products require. Operations like these give us an opportunity to improve efficiency, as well as reducing costs and our environmental footprint.

Product stewardship
Product stewardship means that we take responsibility for the impact of our products on the environment and on people’s health and safety, through all stages of its life cycle — from research of a product to its design, production, use and disposal. In particular, our product stewardship efforts focus on the following areas:

  • Considering green chemistry in our R&D processes.
  • Minimizing product packaging, while maximizing recycled content and recyclability.
  • Reducing GHG emissions in product transport.
  • Considering a product’s environmental life cycle to identify opportunities for improvement.

For example, our Flexbumin 5% and 25% products are both certified by the Carbon Trust, an organization that helps companies become more sustainable.

Flexbumin is used for multiple purposes, including cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. The sustainability benefits of the plastic containers relative to glass containers include:

  • Using just four containers of Flexbumin 25% (100 mL) per day for a week instead of glass bottles provides the same CO2 reduction as using 11 fewer liters of gasoline.
  • Using just five containers of Flexbumin 5% per day provides the same CO2 reduction as using 3.75 liters less of gasoline.
  • It takes about 8.9 discarded 50 mL Flexbumin 25% containers to equal the weight of just one discarded glass bottle of equal volume.
  • The container film is composed of materials that allow it to be processed without creating harmful residues such as dioxins when incinerated according to established industry standards.


Celebrating World Environment Day

Each year, Takeda employees around the world celebrate World Environment Day to raise awareness of the environment while highlighting the connection between a healthy planet and global health. In 2019, we hosted an online pledge campaign to promote personal action against climate change and supported the Arbor Day Foundation to plant an additional 40,000 trees to promote better air and water quality in areas of need.

Manufacturing EHS Certifications

  Country City ISO 14001
ISO 50001
ISO 45001
Health & Safety
1 Austria Linz X    
2 Austria Orth an der Donau X   X
3 Austria Vienna X   X
4 Belgium Lessines X   X
5 Brazil Jaguariúna X    
6 China Tianjin X    
7 Germany Oranienburg X   X
8 Germany Singen X    
9 India Vashi, Navi Mumbai X   X
10 Ireland Grange Castle   X  
11 Italy Pisa X   X
12 Italy Rieti X   X
13 Japan Fukuchiyama X    
14 Japan Hikari X    
15 Japan Osaka X    
16 Singapore Singapore X   X
17 Switzerland Neuchâtel X   X
18 United States Los Angeles, CA X   X
19 United States Round Lake, IL X    
20 United States Social Circle, GA X   X
21 United States Thousand Oaks, CA X   X