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Talent Management


We’re focused on providing meaningful opportunities for colleagues to evolve and grow, both professionally and personally. We want each colleague to be inspired to contribute, empowered to be productive, supported to pursue lifelong learning and provided with the opportunity to realize their greater purpose.

To make this possible, we need to make it easy for our people to understand our goals, live our values and actively contribute to their own success, as well as Takeda’s. We look for exceptional talent and then engage them in open and ongoing discussions to enhance performance and development. We use our “Quality Conversations” framework to empower managers and teams to communicate clearly and frequently to build trust, deliver impact and move our business forward. We also prepare high-potential individuals for new opportunities so that we’re constantly improving our bench strength of leaders and experts. These responsibilities and intentional programs are shared in an ongoing partnership among the TET, human resources, managers and Takeda colleagues.

Takeda Leadership Behaviors

We focus on developing, role modeling and reinforcing the following:

  • Demonstrate strategic enterprise thinking to find innovative ways to serve patients and build trust, reputation and business.
  • Create an environment that inspires and enables people to move the organization forward.
  • Focus on the few priorities that matter most and deliver superior results.
  • Elevate the capabilities of the organization for now and the future.

2019 Progress

Global programs developing exceptional leaders for an exceptional future

  • We host an annual President’s Forum to bring together a group of 50 global leaders with our CEO and TET for a three-day workshop focused on business challenges and opportunities. This Forum is one of the many ways we prepare the next generation of Takeda senior leaders.

  • The Accelerator Program is a cross-functional program to reach high-potential colleagues early in their careers. It provides opportunity for cross-regional assignments, mentoring and learning events. Currently, we have 28 participants in the program, who are guided by TET sponsors.

  • Our Global Induction Forum targets senior leaders who have joined Takeda from other organizations. Our CEO and TET oversee this program, which covers the company’s history, culture and values, while preparing these new leaders for their responsibilities in building on that legacy and enhancing trust with society. In 2020, we continued our commitment to accelerating the success of new leaders, taking a creative, virtual approach to the Global Induction Forum to make sure new leaders have the same opportunity to connect and learn.

  • We also offer a variety of local/regional leadership development programs.


Leadership Development During COVID-19

These unprecedented times haven’t slowed our commitment to developing our colleagues. Instead, we have adapted. In 2020, both our President’s Forum and Global Induction Forum were held virtually. And rather than bring everyone to Japan, participants joined from their home offices and kitchen tables.

Learning resilient leadership

The annual Takeda Leadership Conference (TLC) brings together 300 top leaders from across the organization. The 2020 event was held virtually with a focus on building resilient leadership capabilities, or how leaders can best learn, adapt and thrive during times of change. That focus continued through five virtual learning workshops from July through October, where TLC members engaged with thought leaders and each other to build their capabilities. The TLC members are committed to coming out of this current reality stronger as individuals, teams and an organization. After senior leaders completed the resiliency learning program, we expanded with a digital version for all managers at Takeda. Through virtual trainings, social learning groups and a mobile app, the Resiliency in Leadership program covers five key topic areas: personal resilience, interpersonal resilience, leading virtual teams effectively, role of leaders in building resiliency and connecting to purpose.

Top Employer Award

Takeda was awarded global Top Employer for the third consecutive year in 2020 by the Top Employers Institute, a global authority on excellence in people practices, in recognition of our efforts to build an outstanding workplace.


We believe that stock ownership provides colleagues the opportunity to invest in their own future as well as Takeda’s and align their interests with external stakeholders.

Adapting recruiting for a virtual workplace

To keep our business solid and ensure that we have the right talent, during the constantly changing COVID-19 realities we switched to virtual interviewing and onboarding toward the end of FY2019. We were able to use new technologies to ensure we didn’t comprise on engagement. Conducting video or telephone interviews instead of face-to-face interviews has helped us keep our colleagues and candidates — as well as their families and communities — safe. We’ve heard from colleagues that conducting interviews virtually actually allows for greater flexibility with schedules and locations, with the added benefit of reduced travel expenses.

Takeda Long-Term Incentive Plan

We’re proud to offer a Long-term Incentive Plan in 2020 that provides stock, in the form of American Depositary Shares, to eligible colleagues outside of Japan. Prior to 2020, Takeda colleagues outside Japan were not eligible for stock as part of their compensation. We believe that stock ownership provides colleagues the opportunity to invest in their own future as well as Takeda’s and align their interests with external stakeholders.

New Takeda Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Historically, Takeda has offered an employee stock ownership program for participating colleagues in Japan. In 2020, Takeda launched a new ESPP that offers colleagues outside of Japan the opportunity to purchase stock, in the form of American Depositary Shares at a discount and become a Takeda shareholder. Initially, we introduced our ESPP in Singapore, Switzerland and the United States, and we will expand to more countries over time.