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Employee Well-Being & Organizational Health


Engagement & Lifelong Learning

We strive to create a work experience that keeps our people engaged and a culture that encourages a mindset of lifelong learning and growth. As a biopharmaceutical leader, innovation is our path forward, and our people are the drivers of that innovation. Our industry, providers and patients are counting on our dedication to constant innovation and technological advancements. COVID-19 has only accelerated the speed of change and urgency for constant improvement and innovation. Our commitment to lifelong learning is critical to supporting colleagues in making that a reality. As a truly global organization, it’s critical that we pay attention to what colleagues need in each of the regions where we operate. That’s why we provide learning opportunities in about 80 countries and are working to build an expanded global learning platform.

Consistent and regular communications have been vital to keep our colleagues informed and engaged during these unprecedented times. We’ve held regular virtual global town halls with the Takeda Executive Team (TET), enabling colleagues to ask direct questions and voice concerns. This commitment to constant dialogue is one of the reasons we’ve been able to deliver on our promises, to patients and to each other.

Surveys are another important tool we use to understand people’s perspectives on what’s going well and how we can continue to improve as one Takeda. We want to better understand how colleagues feel at all points during their time at Takeda — from when they join to when they depart. A more consistent framework for how we capture this feedback globally is being built. We also send frequent companywide pulse surveys to collect feedback, identify areas for improvement and empower individual teams and managers to take action.

Health, Safety & Well-being

Looking after the health, safety and well-being of our colleagues and the communities where we work, live and serve is important to us. From breast cancer awareness workshops and biometric screenings in Austria and Switzerland to mindfulness education and regular lunch-and-learns on nutrition, exercise, mental health and cancer risks in the U.S., we make sure our people have the resources they need to lead healthy lives. In Asia, we prioritize four key issues with our employees: preventing lifestyle diseases and promoting smoking cessation, supporting early detection and treatment of cancer, responding to health issues specific to women and supporting mental health.

Our health and safety efforts are guided by the following principles:

  • We work to be a global leader in health and safety through innovative management practices, working to prevent incidents, and proactively recognizing potential hazards and related risks while working to eliminate them.
  • We provide the tools, resources and programs to support our employees in making healthy lifestyle choices.
  • We include Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) principles in Takeda’s culture through leadership involvement and accountability, as well as by encouraging our employees to consider EHS in all aspects of their work and reduce those risks wherever they can.
  • We make sure to include the viewpoints of our employee works councils and partners, where appropriate, when developing and improving our processes.

2019 Progress

Serious Injury and Fatality program

Looking after our people’s safety begins with prevention. We carefully develop the manufacturing processes and safety assessments for each of our products to try to prevent any adverse events. Many manufacturing sites have also implemented a Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) program, focusing on high-risk activities that have the greatest potential to cause major environmental impact, serious injury or even death. The goal of our SIF program is to make our people more aware of potential SIF (p-SIF) events, understand why they happen and learn how to prevent them. In FY2019, we expanded the p-SIF reporting requirement to include all Takeda sites and locations and widened the scope of SIF assessments to make sure all Takeda manufacturing sites were included.

Takeda Safety Performance1

1Incident frequency rates per 200,000 hours worked. Data collection sites: All R&D, manufacturing, U.S. BioLife and office sites covering approximately 95% of all employees