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Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

Our materiality assessment process is just one example of how stakeholder engagement plays a critical role in shaping our approach to sustainability. Continuous strategic engagement with a wide range of stakeholders helps guide our efforts, ensuring our programs are making a difference and identifying new opportunities.

Patients and health care providers
  • Patient and health care provider websites
  • Patient surveys, including patient satisfaction surveys
  • Working with advocacy and nongovernmental organizations
  • Medical grants
  • Focus groups with employees
  • Opportunities through Takeda Resource Groups
  • Employee surveys
  • Volunteer opportunities in community and patient organizations
  • Code of Conduct
  • Ethics Helpline
  • Participate on advisory committees
  • Inform public debate based on evidence
  • Supplier diversity program
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Trade association leadership
  • Analyst/investor presentations
  • Earnings releases
  • Socially responsible investment surveys
  • Employee volunteering
  • Board memberships
  • Financial support

Partnerships are a cornerstone of our strategy, both to help our business grow sustainably and to enhance our corporate citizenship. On the business side, we have a wide range of partnerships with biotechnology ventures and academia. In our CSR and sustainability activities we work with several international organizations and other stakeholder groups to make the most positive impact.