Approach to labour

To achieve our vision of helping patients around the world,
we are creating an organization that can fully leverage diversity.

Takeda is endeavoring to attract and develop diverse global talent and provide a working environment where employees can work comfortably as part of our transformation into a best-in-class global pharmaceutical company.

Global Talent Management

Takeda is developing the talent required to enable it to advance the health and well-being of patients. In addition to global programs to nurture the next generation of leaders, many divisions and functions have their own Leadership Academies and development programs or courses tailored to specific capability needs. To guide our transformation to the next level, we introduced Leadership Behaviors to define what Takeda leaders must do to drive our business forward now and into the future, and Global Core Competencies as a common set of conduct standards for all employees.

Diversity & Inclusion

Takeda strives to have a diverse workforce and aims to offer every employee the opportunity to thrive, develop and grow based on merit, potential and ambition regardless of gender, age, nationality, race or sexual orientation. We are accelerating Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) activities in Japan and many other par s of the world and have introduced several initiatives to enhance gender, work-style, age and career diversity.

Ratio of annual female manager appointments 30% FY2016
Turnover rate in first 10 years of career (Female/Male) Equal Rate FY2018
mount of career experience needed to be promoted to managers (Female/Male) 10% of newly appointed managers will be less than 8 years into their career FY2016

Occupational Health and Safety

For Takeda, building relationships of trust with society starts with providing a safe environment for employees and reducing the risk of accidents occurring in the workplace. In fiscal 2015, we launched a new global safety initiative, Safe Takeda, refreshing our medium-term targets for reducing workplace accidents and promoting initiatives. 


Issues and Initiatives Going Forward

To realize its vision of helping patients around the world and put its values of Takeda-ism into practice, Takeda will pursue D&I even further. As a research- and innovation-driven global company we will continue to improve our human resource systems and ensure sustainable growth by maximizing the potential offered by diverse employees' perspectives and capabilities.