Community Revitalization: Foundations for a New Life

“Although we don’t know what the future holds, we will follow through for at least ten years.”

This is the promise we made during the turmoil immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11th, 2011 because we believed that the goal of reconstruction assistance should not simply be putting things back the way they were, but rather the creation of foundations for a new life.

The power to sustain long-term support comes from the bonds between people. Takeda works in collaboration with many NPOs operating in areas affected by the disaster and subsequent evacuations, through partnerships with intermediate support groups that connect them. To reach as many of the people affected as possible, we have continued to visit these locations and have built a relationship of trust with key members of the communities.

Another critical element in the success of these programs is the employees who are often seeking ways to contribute to the lives and health of others. We have worked hard to carry out these activities in ways that leverage their genuine passion and enthusiasm, and to clearly demonstrate the outcomes, while ensuring that the valuable experiences gained from these activities are shared and not forgotten.

Creating a sustainable system that enables NPOs to support people who have lost their friends, families, livelihoods, and even their entire hometowns is essential. To make this possible, building trust is crucial. Our desire to help people on the road to recovery will continue through the creation and strengthening of new foundations for life. This is our mission and responsibility as a corporate citizen.

Major Results of Our Support

* As of December 2018

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