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Support Programs

Reinforcing Tuberculosis Control in Senegal

Tuberculosis Situation in Senegal

Despite the encouraging results obtained by the national TB program, some major challenges remain to be overcome in the areas of TB diagnosis, TB/HIV co-infection management, child TB transmission control, control of nosocomial TB infection, lack of qualified personnel, and full involvement of traditional healers, policy makers and the private sector. This will be achieved through the implementation of the national strategic plan, mainly by reaching a detection rate of at least 70% and a treatment success rate of at least 85% by 2015. Achieving the above will lead to a reduction in morbidity and mortality due to tuberculosis in line with the objectives of the Stop TB Partnership and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG 6 target 6c).

Total population (in 1000s) 13,726 2012
Physicians (number) 741 2000-2010
Nursing and midwifery personnel (number) 5,254 2000-2010
Infant mortality per 1000 live births 50 2010
Under 5 mortality rate per 1000 live births 60 2012
Total health expenditure per capita (USD) 118 2011
ODA committed in health sector (USD million) 82 2009
TB prevalence, all forms 67,000 2010
TB mortality, all forms excluding HIV 7,700 2010
New smear-positive TB cases detected and treated 33,000 2013

Program Outline

The Takeda Initiative supports various approaches based on this national program, such as provision of treatment, promotion of medical checkups, reinforcement of healthcare networks, monitoring of implementation, development of assessment systems, and awareness-raising activities. Development of human resources includes tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment training for pediatricians and training for microscope technicians. 

(※)DOTS(Directly Observed Therapy Short-course)

Progress on the TB grant (Includes support other than that from Takeda Initiative)

Indicator (Increases over same period the previous year)Apr 2012 to Jun 2012Apr 2013 to Jun 2013Difference
# of TB cases, all forms, notified 6,242 6,530 288
# of new smear positive pulmonary TB notified each year 3,997 4,305 308
# of pediatricians trained in TB diagnosis and treatment 93 120 27
# of TB cases in children under 15 (all forms) notified for treatment 368 329 -39
# of new smear positive pulmonary TB patients successfully treated 2897 3467 570
# of prisoners trained/ re-trained as Peer Educator in Behavior Change and Communication 6612 8634 2022
# of medical doctors/ pharmacists from para-public and private sector trained in DOTS strategy 184 184 0

Cited from the 2013 report by the Global Fund.

*Support to Senegal is now directed to Kenya since 2014