A Health Worker for Everyone, Everywhere

Training three million community health workers in 30 lifesaving skills could save 30 million lives by 2030. As many as one billion people worldwide currently lack access to health care, many because they live too far from a health facility. Founded on the belief that no one should die because they live too far from a doctor, Last Mile Health saves lives in the world’s most remote communities by partnering with government to design, demonstrate, scale, and advocate for national networks of professional community health workers. Recruited from within their home communities, these workers strengthen health systems and transform health outcomes at the last mile by delivering an integrated package of lifesaving healthcare services directly to their neighbors’ doorsteps. 

Photos by Last Mile Health.

Program Objectives

Takeda's partnership with Last Mile Health aims to train 8,000 community health workers through the Community Health Academy across the world in 30 evidence-based, lifesaving practices and expand their reach to millions of rural children and families in the highest burden countries. Last Mile Health will build upon progress to date in bringing Liberia’s groundbreaking National Community Health Assistant Program to scale, taking lessons learned to influence global discourse surrounding community health workforce programming as a means of delivering primary healthcare services to highly vulnerable and underserved populations.

PARTNER: Last Mile Health
BUDGET: 400 million yen
TERM: 3 years
LAUNCH: 2018-19
AREA: Global

 ・Leaders in Global Health Interview Series: Dr. Raj Panjabi, CEO, Last Mile Health

Other Partnerships

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