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Governing our sustainability efforts | Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Governing our sustainability efforts

Just as we do with our business activities, we aim to create as many positive impacts as possible in our sustainability efforts. This requires a disciplined approach in choosing which initiatives to take on and making sure they are carried out effectively. There are four steps in our sustainability governance process:

We embed purpose-led sustainability responsibilities and oversight across different levels of our organization. Learn more.

Guided by our values and commitment to patients, people and the planet, we will allocate capital to maximize value for patients & shareholders. We are a purpose-led organization that exists to create better health for people, and a brighter future for the world. We maintain a sustainable business strategy that responds to global challenges. To make this clear to all stakeholders, we have updated our capital allocation policy to reflect how Takeda’s board considers economic, environmental and social issues when overseeing major capital allocation decisions.