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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Protecting Takeda’s Business

 The Intellectual Property Department supports the business of the Group by protecting scientific ideas and inventions using patents, goodwill capitalized in product brands using trademark rights, and also by promoting the proper usage of such intellectual property (IP) rights.
 It is generally assumed that patent protection of pharmaceutical products is achieved solely by a basic substance patent covering the original new active ingredient. In fact, the marketability and competitiveness of medicine relies on a portfolio of patents to protect not only the ingredient, but also its use, process patent, formulation, production intermediates, any related derivatives, and the methods for evaluating disease markers. The patent portfolio protects the entire business linked to a particular medicine.
 Like its peers in the pharmaceutical industry, Takeda’s IP operations must also address the important issue of how to construct patent portfolios to protect new businesses based on new technologies developed in recent years. These state-of-the-art technologies include regenerative medicine, cell-based therapies and gene therapy.

Helping to Realize the Mid-Range Growth Strategy

 The Intellectual Property Department aims to help realize the Mid-Range Growth Strategy by supporting Takeda’s increasingly global business activities. Specifically, the department works to ensure appropriate protection of the Group’s scientific ideas and inventions, and the goodwill of its products. In order to do this, we integrated our IP teams based in different parts of the world to create an IP organization capable of operating globally. Our IP operations have also established a structure that facilitates lobbying activities through a range of external organizations, so as to respond to increasingly borderless IP regulatory systems worldwide surrounding the company’s business. Global IP activities organized in this way support the Group’s entire business from R&D to sales and marketing by focusing on the three key tasks defined below.


 [1] Enhancement of the product portfolio and R&D pipeline and protection of related rights

 [2] Facilitation of more dynamic and appropriate in-licensing and out-licensing activities through partner alliance support
 [3] Securing and protection of IP rights around the world

 In order to achieve the goals of the Mid-Range Growth Strategy through such activities, IP operations are addressing the vital issues of strengthening the pipeline and supporting entry and growth in new markets, notably in emerging markets. As part of this, we have constructed a framework for the global support of R&D activities in each therapeutic area, and also we have initiated a framework that looks at R&D strategy from an IP perspective not only for each product, but also for each region. With regard to entering new markets including emerging markets, we will continue our all-round support related to patent and trademark rights in all regions, and we will take extra careful measures from an IP perspective in countries where we have focused initiatives linked to our marketing strategies. Through affirmative initiatives such as these, IP operations will contribute to further strengthening Takeda’s pipeline and our business operations in each market of the world.