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Partnership Opportunities

We aspire to discover, develop and commercialize truly innovative treatments that satisfy unmet medical needs regionally and globally. We have focused our resources on therapeutic areas with a substantial potential for growth and, with our partners, we will deliver ground-breaking new treatments to patients worldwide.

Type and stage of opportunity

Commercial Licensing

Takeda is seeking pre-registration, registration and in-market late stage opportunities in our core therapeutic areas: cardiovascular/metabolic, immunology and respiratory, oncology, central nervous system, GI, renal, general medicine and vaccines. For commercial stage assets, we consider single-country as well as regional deals or agreements covering the globe. Our goal is to identify opportunities that allow us to leverage our global infrastructure to bring products to market that address unmet patient needs. We are interested in opportunities for both ethical and over-the counter medications. In the United States, our interest is in ethical compounds only.

R&D Partnering

We are seeking multiple and diverse external opportunities including:

  • Development collaborations for clinical and preclinical products in core therapeutic areas
  • Research alliances involving core therapeutic areas and/or novel technologies
  • Pharmaceutical science alliances

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Therapeutic areas

Cardiovascular and Metabolic

Takeda CVM has a mission to deliver innovative solutions that save and improve the lives of people with cardiovascular and metabolic dysfunction and demonstrate the value of those solutions to patients, healthcare providers and payers.


The Takeda growing portfolio of marketed CVM products includes:

  • Actos (pioglitazone) for diabetes
  • Nesina family (Alogliptin and fixed dose combinations) for diabetes
  • Azilva (asilsartan) for hypertension
  • Contrave (naltrexone/bupropion) for Obesity –Launch planned summer 2014 with partner Orexigen


Takeda CVM is developing targeted and innovative cardiovascular and metabolic disease modifying therapies utilizing knowledge of biomolecular pathways and pathophysiology.

  • Areas of interest:


The Takeda oncology business represents a critical long-term growth driver for the organization. Takeda has made significant investment in the therapeutic area, both internally and through external strategic business transactions including acquisitions, licensing and collaborations, with the goal of achieving a leadership position over the long-term.


The Takeda oncology business is built on blockbuster products which emerged from the application of results from Nobel Prize-winning research.

  • VELCADE - global market-leading therapy in terms of patient share for multiple myeloma
  • LUPRON - the global foundational therapy for prostate cancer

Takeda oncology boasts a world-class development pipeline of more than 15 compounds in hematologic and solid tumors and late-stage assets are in development for multiple myeloma, prostate cancer and lymphomas.


The oncology R&D organization is focused on creating a sustainable pipeline of game-changing therapies that transform outcomes for cancer patients. The cience-driven approach focuses on targets and pathways critical to cancer cell growth and survival, while the areas of biological expertise include protein quality control, cancer metabolism, and hormonal agents. The research organization has a long-term investment in biotherapeutics, with a focus on antibody drug conjugates. Furthermore, translational research is integrated throughout R&D to optimize clinical trials as well as the benefit/risk ratio of Takeda drugs through the use of pharmacodynamic biomarkers in decision making and the implementation of patient selection strategies when feasible.


Takeda engages the full spectrum of academic, venture capital and industry partners to supplement our extensive internal activities in oncology.


  • Areas of interest:


We have a strong track record in immunology in the Japanese market and are committed to globalizing that expertise and expanding our portfolio of products. Currently, we market etanercept (ENBREL) under license for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in Japan and febuxostat (ULORIC) and colchicine (COLCRYS) for the treatment of gout in the United States. We are conducting late-stage clinical studies for tofacitinib and plan to launch this small molecule kinase inhibitor in Japan in the near future. We are focused on expanding into novel small or large molecule immunology agents to support both our early and late-stage development efforts.

We seek disease modifying drugs with acceptable safety profiles to be administered either as monotherapy or in combination with existing disease modifying drugs. For large molecules we seek agents targeting novel targets, innovative agents and technologies, and agents with superior efficacy and/or safety relative to current treatments. For small molecules we seek both first-in-class (novel MOA) and best-in-class (clear differentiation) candidates. Some preferred MOAs are modulation of Th17/Treg/DC activation/differentiation, multi-cytokine blocking therapies, regulation of innate immune biology, agents targeting activated immune-cell specific metabolism, monocyte activation and trafficking, and tolerance induction.

Takeda Immunology seeks to partner with companies eager to advance the promise of better drugs for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

  • Areas of interest:


In the area of respiratory medicine, we are exploring novel oral and inhaled drugs, biologics and innovative inhaled delivery platforms. Our current development interests extend beyond asthma, allergic rhinitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to include infant and adult respiratory distress syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Takeda is currently only looking for late preclinical stage or clinical stage opportunities in this area.

  • Areas of interest:

Central Nervous System (CNS)

Takeda has affirmed its commitment to becoming a global leader in CNS disorders.  We aim to deliver superior healthcare solutions to those affected by psychiatric and neurological conditions by applying innovative science and technology to unmet needs.


The Takeda growing portfolio of marketed CNS products includes:

  • vortioxetine (BRINTELLIX), co-marketed in the US with Lundbeck
  • lurasidone (LATUDA), marketed in Switzerland through a partnership with Dainippon-Sumitomo
  • galantamine (REMINYL), co-marketed in Japan with Janssen
  • melatonin (MT1/MT2) receptor agonist ramelteon (ROZEREM), available in the US and Japan

Takeda proactively invests in internal and external compounds and technologies, as well as in mutually beneficial research collaborations, for example: The Takeda late clinical-stage program for Alzheimer's disease prevention (AD4833/TOMM40 insulin sensitizer/biomarker assay) with Zinfandel Pharmaceuticals 


  • Areas of interest:

General Medicine

General Medicine is built on Takeda’s foundations in gastroenterology and seeks to leverage our company’s demonstrated scientific and commercial leadership in that area. We are actively building a competitively superior, industry-leading position in the development and commercialization of products targeting unmet needs in gastroenterology.

Indication focus

    • Oral treatments for inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis)
    • Celiac disease
    • Functional bowel disorders (e.g. Irritable bowel syndrome)
    • Upper and lower GI motility disorders, including gastroparesis
    • Non-infectious, inflammatory chronic liver diseases, including fibrosis/cirrhosis, encephalopathy, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

Mechanism focus

        • Inflammatory and fibrotic processes
        • Mucosal protection
        • Modulation of GI motility and visceral sensory function and hypersensitivity

Technologies, Research Tools and Novel Targets

            • Orally delivered molecules (small molecule and biologics) targeted for local GI activity
            • In vitro and in vivo profiling capabilities across different mechanistic targets
            • Animal models and in vivo pharmacological technologies for preclinical development in GI, GU, fibrosis
            • Human tissue-based ex vivo technologies for translational research in these areas


We aspire to become a global leader in vaccines. To achieve this goal, we will build on our heritage as a major supplier of pediatric vaccines in Japan for the past 60 years. We are particularly interested in identifying and working with partners to develop prophylactic vaccines for unmet disease states. Vaccines currently under development by Takeda for the Japanese market include pediatric combination vaccines and a haemo-philus influenza type b vaccine, which is currently in Phase 3 trials.

                • Areas of interest:

New Frontier Science

“New Frontier Science (NFS) was established to support scientists who are conceiving ground-breaking life science technologies and to nurture translation of their ideas from concept to reality. Our goal is to work closely with innovators and to provide guidance, resources and financing to advance their vision from conception through key proof of concept experiments.


Takeda will act as the point of entry for innovation by brokering connections between NFS-supported groups and researchers, investors and development partners within Takeda. We are focused on academic medical centers, research institutions, incubators and nascent companies around the world.


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Takeda Ventures

“Takeda Ventures, Inc. (TVI) is our corporate venture arm. Our mission is to support the development of external therapeutic innovation that is strategically aligned with Takeda's R&D imperatives and that offers the potential to realize new, advanced healthcare options for patients worldwide. We do this by investing in pharmaceutical technology and product concepts and by fostering highly effective management teams that can turn ideas into reality.


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