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Partnering with Takeda

Partnerships are at the Core of our Business


Takeda is a company with more than 230 years of tradition in Japan, and we are dynamically expanding our global presence.

We have deep in-house R&D expertise, but we don’t have a monopoly on good ideas. That’s why more than 50 percent of our revenues will come from partnerships and strategic acquisitions by 2015.

We pursue external innovation at all stages, from early discovery to late-stage development. In every collaboration, we look for creative solutions that allow our partners to build on their strengths.

We have a dedicated Alliance Management team to ensure partnerships work smoothly. In 2013, Takeda won the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals Alliance Management Award – not just for pharmaceutical companies but across all industries.

We know how to create win-wins for our R&D partners that produce results – successful filings, regulatory approvals and product launches.

Commercial partners who want to license or co-market their products can profit from our global sales and marketing organization, which is especially strong in fast-growing emerging markets. 

Five Reasons to Partner with Takeda

  • 1. DUAL-POWERED MOTOR OF INNOVATION - To complement our in-house expertise in R&D, we rely heavily on external sources of innovation. By 2015, more than 50 percent of Takeda revenues will come from partnerships and strategic acquisitions.
  • 2. CREATIVE BUSINESS MODELS AT ALL STAGES OF R&D - Building on deep expertise in our chosen therapeutic areas, we look for creative ways to collaborate with partners - from early discovery to late-stage drug development. We support breakthrough ideas with our New Frontier Science program and invest in promising start-ups through Takeda Ventures.
  • 3. ENTRY POINT FOR GLOBAL COMMERCIALIZATION AND FAST-GROWING MARKETS - Our sales and marketing organization covers Asia, the United States and Europe, and is particularly strong in fast-growing emerging markets such as Russia/CIS, Brazil & Latin America, and China. With our global supply chain, we can also manufacture pharmaceutical products in a wide variety of forms for our partners.
  • 4. AWARD-WINNING ALLIANCE MANAGEMENT - A dedicated group within Takeda ensures that partnerships work smoothly and achieve desired results for both sides. In 2013, Takeda received the Alliance Management Excellence Award from the leading professional association in this field.
  • 5. TRACK RECORD OF MUTUAL BENEFITS - Recent successes achieved together with our partners include four product launches, three regulatory approvals and one filing. Takeda’s experience and long-term commitment creates win-win relationships.

Award Winning Alliance Management

Takeda has been named the winner of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals’ (ASAP) Alliance Program Excellence Award for the second time - 2013 and 2015. In March 2015, Takeda earned the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals’ (ASAP) Alliance Program Excellence Award for the second time. As the winner in 2013 and 2015, Takeda is recognized as a leader in implementing and managing innovative and successful alliance management programs. Previous winners of this award, in addition to Takeda, include IBM, Cisco, HP, P&G, Novartis, Eli Lilly, Harley Davidson and Starbucks.