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CSR Activity Targets and Results

Takeda discloses its CSR activities in terms of the core subjects of the ISO 26000 international standard for social responsibility.

ISO 26000 Core SubjectsTargets for Fiscal 2012Results for Fiscal 2012Evaluation
Organizational Governance

Increase knowledge and awareness of CSR among employees

Held meetings to explain CSR activities at divisions and departments mainly those in marketing functions

Continue to hold stakeholder dialogues (stakeholder engagement)

Held stakeholder dialogues involving groups receiving support through the Takeda Well-Being Program

Human Right
[GC Principles 1-6]
Consider creating a global human rights policy

Signatory to Guiding Principles on Access to Healthcare (GPAH) created by BSR, including items relating to human rights

Labor Practices
[GC Principles 3-6]
Continue to strengthen diversity promotion

Signatory to WEPs; published newsletters on diversity-related issues

Conduct the Global Challengers program

Four Takeda Group employees selected for program after applying

Continue to hold the Takeda Global Awards

Awards bestowed on 102 employees from 20 different countries

Continue to run the Takeda Leadership Institute

Held sixth Takeda Leadership Institute for 36 participants from 13 countries

Continue to promote work-life balance Introduced twice-weekly" no overtime days" in Japan まる
The Environment
[GC Principles 7-9]

Continue to promote the Takeda Group Environmental Action Plan

Each Group company and division set targets based on the plan and worked to achieve them

Formulate the Global EHS Policy

Formulated the Global EHS Policy and conducted activities worldwide to raise internal awareness


Continue to strengthen and improve environmental protection and accident prevention management systems

Undertook improvement of environmental management system, including the ISO 14001 program; promoted improvement of environmental rules


Continue to promote full employee participation in energy conservation

Continued the in-house eco-point system; took steps to raise energy conservation awareness by using energy conservation
diagnosis and visualization technology


Continue to improve awareness raising, education, and training for environmental protection and accident prevention

Held environmental protection and accident prevention training according to plan and engaged in educational activities via the intranet


Continue to promote initiatives for biodiversity conservation

Continued to preserve endangered herbal plant species at Takeda Garden for Medicinal Plant Conservation (Kyoto)

Fair Operating Practices
[GC Principles 3-10]

Instill the Takeda Global Code of Conduct and the Takeda Anti-Corruption Global Policy in employees

Conducted global-level dissemination activities in cooperation with overseas subsidiaries


Continue to conduct Supplier Surveys based on Guidelines for Socially Responsible Purchasing

Provided evaluation and feedback for 208 firms that completed Takeda's CSR survey

Continue to promote green procurement

Promoted green procurement based on the basic policy of the "Global Purchasing Policy"

Consumer Issues

Steadily implement the Three-Year Plan for Anti-Counterfeit Measures

Made steady progress in responding both at a global level and within each organization


Strengthen IT strategy to increase opportunities to disseminate information, and conduct pharmaceutical information providing activities to meet wide-ranging needs

Used tablet PCs in product detailing activities and provided tools to support better patient adherence


Continue to provide information spanning treatments and preventative measures

Continued to hold health lectures and seminars, and enhanced information provision through websites

Community Involvement and Development

Provide ongoing support for areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Conducted long-term and ongoing support programs including "Support for Japan's Vitality and Recovery"


Continue to promote corporate citizenship activities in the healthcare field

Promoted ongoing endowment programs to help improve access to healthcare


Continue to provide research grants in a wide range of fields that contribute to healthcare progress

Supported research through charitable corporate foundations まる

Continue partnerships with NGOs and NPOs

Increased cooperation with groups working to improve global health such as Project HOPE


Raise awareness throughout the company about the Basic Policies on Corporate Citizenship Activities

Conducted internal awareness activities through dedicated website on the intranet


Implement activities to publicize the Global Donation Guidelines throughout the company

Conducted internal awareness activities through dedicated website on the intranet


Continue to provide opportunities for volunteer activities to employees in Japan

Developed a section on the intranet to provide employees with information on volunteer activities and promote related

Evaluations: ○:Target achieved △:Progress made, but target not yet achieved ×:Target not achieved