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Measures to Sustain Corporate Value

Inclusion in Global SRI Indices*

Takeda is conducting its pharmaceutical business with the highest level of integrity, by providing outstanding medicines to patients through combined business processes of research, development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing. We also conduct corporate citizenship activities, improving the sustainability of society. We recognize that all these activities, when promoted in an integrated manner, constitute the essential element of CSR activities for our company. Based on the above perception, we have adopted "continued inclusion in SRI indices" as a key performance indicator for management from fiscal 2012, since it is an important external measure of our overall business activities. This serves to clarify our specific focus on social responsibility within management strategy.

  • * SRI Index: A stock index that evaluates companies using a standard that puts weight on both the non-financial and the financial aspects of a company's activities.


5Number of major SRI indices in which Takeda is included