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Measures to Sustain Corporate Value

Clinical Trial Process Management Emphasizing the Human Rights of Trial Participants

Takeda conducts clinical trials globally while giving the utmost consideration to the human rights of trial participants. Numerous clinical trials are performed by contract research organizations (CROs), which conduct a variety of operations on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and provide support for those operations. Takeda recognizes that consideration for the human rights of individuals participating in clinical studies in developing and emerging countries is an important social issue. Accordingly, when selecting CROs for our global clinical trials, we take particular care to conduct rigorous pre-contractual quality assurance audits covering quality control, service execution capabilities, compliance, and other aspects. After contracting with CROs, we take responsibility for oversight of all CRO activities and evaluate CROs on an ongoing basis in line with our policies and standards.

4Number of global CROs contracted after conducting pre-contractual quality assurance audits