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Measures to Sustain Corporate Value

Water Resources Conservation Initiatives

Hikari Plant (Japan)

Hikari Plant (Japan)

Takeda approaches water resource conservation by addressing two issues: the amount of water used, and the quality of effluent waste water. In terms of the amount of water used, our sites worldwide are classified using three levels of risk, water usage surveys are conducted in each region and goals are set for each site to promote the efficient use of water resources. In terms of the quality of effluent waste water, we are promoting appropriate measures to ensure the waste water from Takeda facilities does not have any harmful impact on aquatic life or local ecosystems. In fiscal 2012, WET* tests were conducted at the Hikari and Osaka plants and at the Shonan Research Center in Japan to assure the quality of waste water from these facilities.


  • *Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) tests are a way of evaluating the quality of effluent wastewater by observing bio-response of aquatic organisms such as fish, daphnia, and algae.

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