Anti-Counterfeit Measures

Takeda has formulated the Three-Year Plan for Anti-Counterfeit Measures (fiscal 2012 through 2014). The specialized team called Global Product Security (GPS) is responsible for executing the initiatives stipulated in the plan. Specific measures are developed and applied in consideration of the risk profile and level of each product and the country in which it is sold, considering corruption levels as well. Takeda is also gathering and investigating information regarding counterfeit medicines on a global scale in cooperation with international organizations, including the ICPO (International Criminal Police Organization). A total of 8,044 rogue online pharmacies illegally selling Takeda products were shut down as a result of Takeda's investigations in fiscal 2013.

Approx.¥1bnEstimated quantifiable ROI to the legitimate supply chain by shutting down rogue online pharmacies illegally selling Takeda products (fiscal 2013)