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Mid-Range Growth Strategy

Takeda has created a new Mid-Range Growth Strategy that deepens and develops our previous strategies. The core principles of our new strategy are "Innovation", Diversity" and "Globalization."


Emerging Markets

With the main focus on Russia, Brazil and China, Takeda is focused on its existing portfolio of high-quality branded generics and OTC medicines, as well as the future commercialization of new products. Takeda will continue to be competitive in each market with a diverse product portfolio tailored to local needs, implementing a sales strategy that pursues effective investment to improve profitability, to realize top-line growth that exceeds that of the market.

Japanese Market

Takeda will maintain its No.1 share position in the Japanese market through the acceleration of strategic product sales including; Nesina family (treatment for type 2 diabetes), Azilva (treatment of hypertension), Lotriga (treatment for hyperlipidemia). The Company will build a new commercial model that shifts its focus to new products expected to be approved by regulatory authorities.

U.S. Market

Through the implementation of an optimal commercial strategy, Takeda will achieve initial entry of Nesina family products, Uloric/Colcrys synergies in gout treatment franchise, expanded Dexilant sales and further maximization of existing product sales, while pursuing the optimization of promotional expenses. At the same time, the Company will establish and implement solid sales strategies to ensure success of new products planned for approval by regulatory authorities.

European Market

Takeda will enhance its foundations in primary care and will accelerate its presence in specialty markets by maintaining and expanding existing and new products. Through expansion of sales, the Company will contribute to steady sales and contribute to a more profitable business structure even in the midst of challenging market environments.


Takeda will hire and train diverse talent, creating a culture that encourages creativity and innovation. Takeda’s goal with regard to diversification is to foster creativity by having employees from various countries, cultures and backgrounds work together to improve the organizational strength.


Establishment of the R&D pipeline with competitive edge

In order to establish a competitive R&D pipeline, Takeda will focus on six therapeutic areas of "Cardiovascular & Metabolic," "Oncology," "Central Nervous System," "Immunology & Respiratory," "General Medicine," and "Vaccine." The company's focus will be on unmet medical needs and vaccines, while pursuing the creation of new projects that cross each therapeutic area.

Improvement of R&D productivity

Takeda will implement strategies to ensure approvals for its late-stage pipeline compounds. Beyond the submission of its products, Takeda is committed to continuing to seek value for its patients through post-marketing clinical studies. In order to enhance the R&D pipeline, Takeda will continue to shorten the clinical development period, and develop a system allowing researchers to create high-quality compounds through further improved processes, as well as consider how to further expand the applications of its existing R&D projects and acquire the projects through business development activities. It will also enhance its DDU (Drug Discovery Unit) structure at the Shonan Research Center, improve its candidate molecule research processes, and better apply the expertise of its research alliance partners, such as Envoy and Advinus.

Transformation into an efficient operating model

The Company will globalize its marketing operations and sales activities and branding strategy for global products while ensuring they meet the needs of each local operating company. Takeda's manufacturing operations will be made more efficient through the optimization of its manufacturing network and enhanced global-scale procurement, leveraged on the infrastructure and functions of legacy Nycomed. Also, the G&A functions, such as finance & accounting, IT, human resources, will standardize their processes globally to achieve operating efficiency.