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Message from Top Management


We, Takeda, continue to transform ourselves
towards better health and a brighter future.

Following a series of transformational integrations, including both Millennium and Nycomed, the Takeda leadership team formulated “Vision 2020” to articulate where we aspire to be as a global company by the year 2020. Providing a clear direction and goals for the invigorated “New Takeda,” Vision 2020 will be achieved through the execution of our Mid-Range Growth Strategy during fiscal 2013-2017. This roadmap is centered around the strategies of “Globalization,”“Diversity” and “Innovation.”

Throughout fiscal 2013, we leveraged our strength as a Group to develop and implement our strategies more deeply based upon the foundations of our Mid-Range Growth Strategy. On our commercial front, double-digit growth in the emerging and U.S. markets propped up the overall growth, while realizing substantial growth in all major countries and regions. In Research and Development, we are concentrating our efforts on the progress of our highly competitive late stage pipeline, where we are seeing a variety of steady results. Simultaneously, we are implementing “Project Summit,” a company-wide strategic initiative to speed up our transformation into a company with a robust and efficient operating model that is globally competitive in every aspect of its business. In the first year, this initiative already delivered cost savings and efficiency which exceeded the initial target. We are proactively employing individuals with rich global experience and a wealth of knowledge to further invigorate our corporate culture through diversity of talent.

At the same time, Takeda is making every effort to improve its corporate value through enhancing CSR activities even further. This includes adopting a holistic approach to improving access to healthcare for people around the world.

Christophe Weber officially assumed responsibility for execution of all operations under the title of Chief Operating Officer (COO) in April 2014, and as of June 27, 2014, he has also become Representative Director, and President. Mr. Weber has demonstrated his leadership for over 20 years within the global pharmaceutical industry, and I firmly believe him to be the most suitable person to lead the next generation of transformation within Takeda. My role as Representative Director, Chairman of the Board and CEO will be to take responsibility for the mid- to long-term strategy. Mr. Weber has experience in a variety of countries and regions as well as a track record of success in a broad range of therapeutic areas that will be indispensable to Takeda's sustainable growth in the global market. Under his strong leadership, I firmly believe that Takeda will continue to grow and flourish.

With regard to a series of issues surrounding the results of the CASE-J study, an investigator-led clinical research related to the hypertension medicine BLOPRESS (candesartan) in Japan, we sincerely apologize to patients, healthcare professionals and all the concerned parties for multiple incidences of involvement and encouragement by Takeda employees. Takeda will implement measures to prevent recurrences of this kind of event in the future. These measures include ensuring transparency through clarifying the role of each department and strengthening each department's checking systems, as well as thoroughly ensuring that Takeda employees are completely uninvolved in investigator-led clinical research related to Takeda products.

Takeda will return to the basic focus on its deeply embedded corporate philosophy of “Takeda-ism” (Integrity: Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance) which has been fostered through generations of history, as we undertake a radical overhaul and rebuilding of the entire Group's compliance system. Our corporate mission states, “We strive towards better health for people worldwide through leading innovation in medicine,” and we are making continual efforts to realize this every day. We are transforming ourselves into a truly global pharmaceutical company so that we can fulfill a wide range of medical needs around the world, as we blaze a new trail in our efforts to realize better health and a brighter future for people around the world.

Yasuchika Hasegawa

Yasuchika Hasegawa
Representative Director, Chairman of the Board & CEO

Updated: July 2014

“Leading through Change”
I will devote all my energy to transforming
Takeda into a Japan-based global,
best-in-class company.

Takeda possesses a variety of strengths that constitute a solid foundation for further growth as a global pharmaceutical company. The foremost of these strengths is Takeda's heritage and values. Throughout our long history as a pharmaceutical company, Takeda has placed “Takeda-ism (Integrity: Fairness, Honesty, and Perseverance)” as the heart of its business. This is critically important for us as a company that serves society by delivering pharmaceutical products to people suffering from illness and disease, to maintain trust with society. I strongly identify with this set of values and I steadfastly stand by the spirit of Takedaism that we have inherited from our founder and the generations that followed him.

Furthermore, with a global footprint in more than 70 countries, promising R&D pipeline, diverse product portfolio, talented and passionate employees, as well as sound financial position, Takeda possesses all the necessary components to achieve sustainable growth.

Takeda must continue to develop its competitiveness in every aspect of its business. This is a challenge and an opportunity. Takeda's scale of operations is optimal for us to be able to act with agility - a key factor in order to continue to flourish in our highly competitive operating environment.

Additionally, in order to be successful it is important to fully grasp the diverse nature of the markets within this industry. We will be very local and customer-centric to appropriately reflect the unique attributes of each country, such as healthcare systems, medical needs, and business models.

I have spent over 20 years in the global pharmaceutical industry, with experience in all of Takeda's six core therapeutic areas, including the vaccine field, ranging across both the emerging and reimbursed markets. Moving forward, I will fully leverage all of these experiences to realize growth for Takeda.

In traveling to Takeda locations across the world since my appointment as COO in April 2014, it became very clear that Takeda's strengths support our aspiration: we will steer Takeda towards becoming a global leader in every aspect of its business. In other words, we intend for Takeda to be perceived as best-in-class in the eyes of the world's patients and their healthcare professionals, our employees as well as our shareholders and investors. To achieve these high ambitions, I will devote all my energy to leading Takeda through change.

Christophe Weber
Representative Director, President & COO

Updated: July 2014